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Val Warner BA MSW RSW
Counsellor - Speaker - Writer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Stress Counselling For Women

Calgary, Alberta

coaching for womenFOCUSstress theraphy for women

Modern women are bombarded by unrealistic expectations from within themselves and by external demands from home, work, relationships, and traditions. The resulting stress frequently leads to anxiety, depression, and a lowering of self-esteem. Problems that seem overwhelming can often be lessened or overcome with counselling.

I provide short-term counselling with a focus on positive change and self-improvement in the areas of:

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self esteem
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calgary women's coaching
parenting skills
therapy for women
home/career balancing
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mid-life transition/career change
speaker, writer, therapist
theraphy for women
stress counselling for women
stress/time management

anxiety therapy for womanWHY I DO ITtraining and coaching for women

Daily life is difficult! I worked long and hard on overcoming personal struggles (perfectionism, self-esteem, assertiveness, stress) and the quality of my life has improved immeasurably. By passing along what I have learned to other women, I get great joy from watching them blossom and grow.

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I have the best job in the world – coaching women to push aside their fears and allow more fun and relaxation into their days. We walk along prairie parkland, one block from my home in University Heights, Calgary, Alberta, while we talk (and laugh!). The fresh air and slow pace set an instant example of healthier living.

calgary women's coachingWHAT I DOparenting and self esteem skills

Confidential Counselling for individual women from my home office or while walking. I see all ages from teens to seniors and specialize in women who are “hard on themselves.” We work on problem areas such as self-esteem, assertion, overwork/stress, relationships and career change. I also see men and couples on referral.

home and career counseling in calgaryLOCATIONstress and time management for women

My office is located in University Heights N.W., one block from the University of Calgary, and beside provincial parkland. I encourage clients to walk while we talk because I like to practice what I preach – a healthier lifestyle! Walking is relaxing, energizing, and less intimidating for most people. Or clients may choose the privacy and comfort of my home office.



Val Warner

career and transition counselling for women



Are You Crazy?

Many people still cling to the archaic and damaging belief that going for counselling is a sign of craziness. It's not!

In fact, in my experience over the years as a registered social worker, I've found the opposite to be true: It's the cream of the crop who seek more education in any area, be it parenting, self-esteem, assertion training, or stress reduction. Smart people want to learn how to master problem areas.

Another notion is that "all counsellors are crazy and should be in therapy themselves." The first part of this statement is true - counsellors have just as many hang-ups and issues to deal with as the rest of the population; however, we do go for counselling, and in droves. We also encourage our children, partners, and relatives because we know talking to the right person can help to speed up positive results.

The key word is 'right' person - right for you. You, and only you, can be the judge of whether it's a good match. As in learning anything, the teacher must be on your wavelength or very little progress is made, be it piano lessons or therapy of any kind. Give at least two sessions a try, and if nothing is clicking, try someone else. Trust your instincts.

Another common myth is that counselling is a long, sad, painful journey. Not necessarily so! Most people don't have time for the old-fashioned therapy that involved endless sessions dredging up past hurts. Learning can take place through laughter as well as through tears, and is often short-term and based on, "Where do we go from here?"

If you're having problems coping with the people closest to you, or you feel you are your own worst enemy, don't wait until most of your life is over before getting help. You'll find personal enrichment and you'll be a great role model to your children to take action when their morale needs boosting.


"The one word you'll need is no."

Bette Davis



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